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Oct. 28, 1954


Pierre DESGRAUPES interviews Elsa TRIOLET and Louis ARAGON at home.


Between them, they released 5 books this year.

- ARAGON presents 4 collections of poetry including "The eyes and memory" inspired by Elsa TRIOLET's "Red Horse". He reads a stanza from one of his poems "Like those who love each other". He then talks about his book "La lumière de Stendhal", a book that goes beyond STENDHAL. He attempted to employ a scientific method in literary criticism.


- Elsa TRIOLET presents a biography of CHEKHOV which tries to convey the great importance of this writer for Russians.


Dec 17 1958


Pierre Dumayet interviews Louis ARAGON for his book "La Semaine Sainte". He talks about the characters, the painter Géricault, Marshal Berthier.


Discover other interviews with Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet and numerous testimonies on their life, their commitments and their works, by going to the website of the National Audiovisual Institute.


Some INA videos on Aragon and Elsa Triolet


Presentation of Goncourt Elsa prize in 1945 (July 6) 45s


Aragon-Elsa with P. Desgraupes (28/10/1954) 14mn


JM Drot's show on Montparnasse (Elsa's interview on Maiakovski)  5mn


Interview of Elsa and Aragon by J. Dutourd at the Eiffel Tower in 1959 (Elsa and Roses on credit) 7 mins


Interview with Aragon talking about Elsa after the publication of Le Fou (by L. Zitrone) on 02/22/1964 2mn


Aragon reads a poem : Jacob (20/12/1970) in front of H. Martin, Jean Ferrat 2mn


Farewell to Aragon on Television (20/12/1970) in front of H. Martin


JM Drot program on Montparnasse (interview with Aragon talking about his meeting with Elsa) 4mn


Aragon talks about Tristan and Yseult (Livres en fête, December 1978)  10mn


Aragon talks about the PCF with J. Ristat (R. Sangla broadcast in 1979) 5mn


Program Apostrophes (21/01/1983) with A. Wurmser, Fr. Nourissier, P. Daix… 1h10mn (7mn extract)


You will also find many poems by Louis Aragon, set to music and interpreted by Léo Ferré, Jean Ferrat, Monique Morelli, Isabelle Aubret, etc.


Presences of Aragon,

30 years later


Round table of May 23, 2012 at the Municipal Library of Grenoble, in the presence of Daniel Bougnoux, Pierre Juquin, Bernard Vasseur, Julien Piat and Dominique Massonnaud.

This round table is part of the international symposium “Aragon novelist: genesis, models, reuses”, on May 23 and 24, 2012, at the MSH-Alpes, Campus of Saint-Martin d'Hères.
This symposium was organized by Julien Piat and Dominique Massonnaud, teacher-researchers from EA Traverses 19-21, Stendhal Grenoble 3 University.



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