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Since the end of January 2014, our friends Jean KNAUF and Maria BERLIOZ have taken over from Jean Albertini on Radio-Canut. Remember between 2000 and 2006, Jean had hosted 24 programs during which he told Aragon (

The show was called Bistanclaque. Jean and Maria took over for Elsa Triolet.

Their first show took place at the end of January. It was about Elsa's childhood; the second, at the end of February, focused on the meeting between Elsa and Mayakovsky.

The show is now called Vendémiaire. You can listen to it on the Radio-Canut website. Jean and Maria told us that they are still in the running because for the first show, they had written all of their interventions and the host, Jean-Pierre Guinard, flatly threatened them to stop, arguing that they did not Were not on France-Culture but on a libertarian radio, the most rebellious of radios.

They have therefore worked in this direction, but, they say, it is quite an apprenticeship. throughout the year, they discussed: the marriage with André Triolet, the writing ofIn Tahitii, the wandering between Berlin and Montparnasse, the emergence of the writer thanks to Gorki aboutZoo.

Beyond the story of the life of a writer who is too little known, our friends intend to do a work of popular education by constantly referring to historical, social and artistic events.

Here are the recordings of the last 14 shows:


 1  Elsa 19   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ 



 2  Elsa 19..



 3  Elsa 19..



 4  Elsa 19..



 5  Elsa 1928



 6  Elsa 19..



 7  Elsa 19..









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